Below you will find thank you letters and testimonials from some of our customers. If you're coming back to visit us today and have something to say, let us know! Come visit us for any of your vehicle needs and be part of our family!
DECEMBER 3, 2017
Tony Uebelhor

I recently had my vehicle in the Chevrolet Service Department for powertrain warranty work. I'm very pleased with your service department. I bought this car from an individual, unaware it had some minor engine issues. After finding an oil leak on the car, I visited the dealership, in October, to verify the powertrain warranty that was remaining. I was treated very well, and was given more information of other items that carried additional warranty from GM, which was very helpful. After some research of my own, I found the issue of the oil leak, a missing crankcase ventilation check valve in the intake manifold that was causing excessive crankcase vacuum and over-pressure issues (1.4 turbo Cruze). When I scheduled the car in for it's warranty service work, I was taken very seriously on the symptoms and cause that I had found. I was also asked if I needed a loaner vehicle, which I did since I live 70 miles away, I commute to Jasper from Sullivan daily for work. When I brought the car in I was treated very professionally. I was also given a 2017 Silverado for a loaner, which was very impressive. I tried to give it back for a much lesser valued vehicle, but it was insisted that I keep this loaner. I was given a call to verify they found the issues, and was told exactly what they were going to do to remedy those, which included replacing the Valve Cover along with the Intake Manifold Assembly, and a Camshaft Actuator Seal.. I also asked if I could get an alignment while the car was there, which wasn't a problem I was told. When I picked up the car, I was again treated professionally and wasn't charged for anything other than the alignment I had asked for. Full Disclosure: I've been in the automotive market in some form for over 20 years. I've been a mechanic in a private garage, worked at TMMI in Princeton on the Tundra assembly line, and was in automotive parts for the last half of those years before starting at Stens in 2015. I do almost all of my own automotive work at home, and I've owned over 30 vehicles so far in my years of driving. I RARELY let anybody work on my vehicles, and I usually find issues with the work that was completed by somebody else. In this case, I cannot find any issues with the work that was completed on my car, which is impressive for me. I had a bad experience last year with our Town and Country van at our local GM/Chrysler dealer when it was in for warranty work, and that work was much less complicated than what was completed on my Cruze at your dealership. Maybe I have high standards, or maybe I just expect at least the same quality of work I can complete at home myself from a garage that represents the brand. Regardless, I didn't buy my Cruze from your dealership, I wasn't owed anything by Uebelhor & Sons, and you aren't even my local dealer. But the level of professionalism I received from your team went far above what I expected. I don't often buy vehicles from a dealer, but the next time I am in the market, you will receive my patronage.

In closing, I want to thank you for putting good people in your dealership that have earned my trust again in a brand affiliated service department. The next time I need service on a vehicle that I can't provide myself, I will be sure to visit here again.

Yours truly, Jonathan B., Sullivan, IN

MAY 27, 2016
Dear Mr. Uebelhor, 

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a used vehicle from your Chevy dealership in Jasper. 

For the first time ever, I can honestly say that it was an enjoyable experience from the moment we met our salesman, Jack Hinkle, until the minute I drove away in my "new" 2006 Rendezvous. 

To be honest, I always dread car shopping because so many salesmen make people uncomfortable. Not this time. We had never met Jack before, but as soon as he came out to see if he could help us, we felt at ease. He bent over backwards to make sure we got what we wanted. I lost count of how many vehicles we even test drove there on our 3 visits. He didn't mind a bit. He always had a smile on his face and told us to drive as many as we wanted because he wanted us to be happy with our purchase. He was good about answering emails, too. 

I don't normally go out of my way to comment on someone's performance, but this guy was exceptional, and that is why we kept coming back to your dealership. Thank you for a good experience, and a great deal! 

Anita A. 
Bristow, IN
MARCH 28, 2016

This was my first time I bought a car from Uebelhor's. Many people told me what a great dealership you have. Now I just can't imagine buying from anywhere else. 

I'm very impressed with Uebelhor's, not just with their professionalism but their processes as well. This was such a great experience.

 I saw the vehicle on-line and emailed my request. Your Sales team contacted me immediately and told me it was available and they would hold it for me till I got there. When I arrived the vehicle was ready to take for a test drive. It's exactly what I was looking for. And Uebelhor's was very reasonable on the price. The short drive was worth it.

I've already recommended purchasing there to many others. 

I love my new ride !!!! 


Lisa P 
Evansville, IN 

I had a vehicle with some major problems and heard about your 86th Anniversary Sales Event on the radio and through an e-mail. Decided to go see what was available. Met Jim Anderson and he was real friendly even though I said I was only looking. After looking over the inventory, the Sonic caught my eye. I found Mr. Anderson and asked him if I could take it for a test drive. He got my information about my other vehicle and told me he would have some information for me when I was finished. By the time I got back he had a trade-in offer for me and we set about filling out the bill of sale and financing. On Monday when I went to pick it up Mr. Anderson did a wonderful job of explaining all the things that my new car had on it.  

Sharon R.

Loogootee, IN
JULY 16, 2015

I recently purchased a 2010 Chevy Impala in kind of a rush purchase. My wife hit a deer and totaled our aging Trailblazer. I needed a good used vehicle in a hurry because my wife drives a lot of miles for work each week and we could not get by with one vehicle. I had previously purchased an Impala from Jim Anderson whom I had known for several years. Jim has been very helpful in his efforts to help me find a vehicle that fit the dollar amount and the age bracket I needed at this moment in time.

Jim researched the inventory and presented several vehicles that fit what I needed. The Impala I purchased was in nice condition. The deer running in front of my wife's Trailblazer moved up our plans to replace it with a newer vehicle after the first of the year. Jim being the friendly, caring person that he is made this emergency purchase easy. When we start looking for a Trailblazer or some other vehicle in that body stile I assure you that Jim Anderson will get a phone call.

Jasper, IN
JULY 9, 2015

I just purchased a used 2014 Chevy Cruze LT due to the fact that my 2013 cruze from Uebelhors was totaled in a crash.

I saw my purchase on your website, contacted Uebelhor's via the website and Chris McBride got back with me really fast confirming the Cruze was still available.

I was at your Chevy dealership the next day where Dave Henke, Chris McBride and Kyla Uebelhor treated me like a king. I got the same treatment 3 yrs. ago on the original Cruze. KUDOS! I even got to chat with Mitch Green who I didn't realize was working there. He will be an asset.

Crashing a car and dealing with insurance is never fun but replacing the car turned out to be a great experience.

Thanks to all!
Darrell C.
Shoals, IN
SEPT 30, 2014

I wanted to tell you how great everyone was when I bought my car. I had such "red carpet" service.

Dan was wonderful giving me information on vehicles and finding me a beautiful vehicle.

Jordan was wonderful with making my day every time I talked with him and helping me with making my decision to buy my car.

Jim was great to talk to and Kim made buying my vehicle so quick and easy.

Jenna was so sweet and always has a pretty smile.

Gary surprised me by greeting me at my vehicle and introducing himself as the person who sold my husband his 2012 Silverado.

My car was cleaned and filled with gas. I walked out of Uebelhor & Sons thinking to myself- "what just happened here" ? I love my vehicle & would like to say thank you for having such great people working for you. It was an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


Sheila S.
Dubois, IN
AUGUST 15, 2014

I purchased a used Pontiac Solstice.

I spotted the car on the internet. I inquired about the car via e-mail. I was very surprised to get a response from the G.M. in just a few minutes as it was after 8:00 PM.

I made an appointment to see the car the next morning.

I made what I felt was a reasonable offer for the car which was in like new condition. The offer was accepted without all the back and forth of trying to squeeze me for a little more.

The finance department was very accommodating by checking rates at any bank I chose.

The dealership made me feel they wanted my business but never made me feel pressured.


Larry M.
How I got a "new car" for less than $480.00 from Uebelhor & Sons.

In this day of watching every penny, my wife and I found a way to get that "new car" feeling for less than $480.00 from our favorite dealership, Uebelhor Toyota in Jasper, Indiana.

When you read about this you're going to say, 'yeah right, you're just saying this to get something.' But I assure you, there are no financial incentives to put this out there. No 'click here' links for an affiliate site. Nothing. We took our 2009 Toyota Camry in for new tires, May 23rd. We took advantage of the 'buy 3 get one for $1 special and got 4 Yokohama tires with a 4 wheel alignment for just under $480.00.

My wife and I drove separately to the dealership, so when she left in the Camry, she said that she would let me know how the new tires help the car. She called me as she was driving home and reported: 'There's no more shimmy in the steering wheel & no shaking. When I went over the railroad tracks (on Clay Street), you couldn't even feel it compared to before.'

She was amazed. And, you have to know my wife. She's normally not impressed with little things like this.

We are surprised at the difference that these new tires make in the ride and handling of our treasured Camry that we couldn't keep silent about it.

Yes, for less than $480.00 we got a 'new car' at Uebelhor & Sons. Just another reason why we are so loyal to our dealership. Great vehicles, great service and products. And, great people, too.

We've sent people there in the past and will continue to do so.

We love our Uebelhor & Sons cars!

Jim O.

Jasper, IN
AUGUST 1, 2013
Dear Mr. Uebelhor

I recently purchased a new Silverado Pickup and wanted to let you know that it was a great experience to deal with Ken Kern. 

His personal approach was refreshing and the good deal of knowledge he has was very helpful. My wife Rachel (who is a good judge of character), feels Ken is an honest person which made her feel at ease during our discussions. 

I have purchased several vehicles from Uebelhor & Sons and this experience will keep me a loyal customer. I will also recommend Ken to others. 


Perry W.

Ferdinand, IN
JULY 16, 2013
Dear Mr. Uebelhor

Today around 9:30 am I had the misfortune of driving over wet yellow road paint. I was in a very long line of vehicles behind a painting crew. I noticed that everyone was passing when possible so I did the same. 

Unfortunately, my Terrain was sprayed on the left side. I didn't even notice the paint until my friend pointed it out to me about two hours later. 

I quickly rushed to your Collision Center for any advice they could give before I went home. (I really didn't want my husband to be upset) 

Two gentlemen, Randy Seifert and Jeff Petry didn't just give me advice, they took 30 minutes of their time to help me clean it off. Jeff even scraped the inside of the wheel wells. Between the three of us, the Terrain looks pretty clean--Randy suggested that I put a coat of wax on and then buff it. 

I just want to compliment you on your fine staff. This occurred at noon today--it was hot and humid.

Yet, Randy and Jeff worked quickly and got the job done. When I offered to pay for their time, they both said it was no problem and refused any payment.

Very often I turn off the TV because there is only bad news. Today because of the kindness of these gentlemen I feel a bit more optimistic.


Sally S.
JULY 1, 2013          

Today I brought my 2008 Saturn Vue in because of a problem I had, which I thought was a transmission problem.

Come to find out, it was a bad plug and wire.

Your staff was wonderful to work with.

I'm here from Washington State and feel now my car will get me back.

Again thanks for the great service.

Bob S.
JULY 1, 2013                  

I always had great respect for your Dad, Paul- we sat side by side on a Bank board for several years.

I learned a lot from him and always counted on Paul as a good friend.

The 2013 Chevy Equinox we just bought is my wife's car.

The Sales experience provided by Gary Sermersheim was again excellent and your service dept has done a good job servicing our vehicle.

Lynn K.
Holland, IN
JUNE 24, 2013

James & Patricia S.

Mr. Uebelhor:

Just a note to thank you for all the help you gave us.

We appreciate the use of your electricity while waiting for our truck repair, for the use of a car and for directing us to the places we needed to go.

Everyone was so friendly and helpful.

Thanks again for your kindness and also for getting us back on the road so quickly.

James & Patricia S.
Lufkin, TX
MAY 6, 2013

We just wanted to express our appreciation for the efforts made to provide us with an SRX that was of the quality we expect when we purchase a Cadillac.

We've never received customer service at this high level and we'll remember this when we purchase vehicles in the future.

Also, we appreciate the efforts of Dan Lechner. He kept us informed via email, text and phone.

He took the time to explain things to us and was an all around excellent salesman !

We'll highly recommend Uebelhor's to all our family and friends.

Thanks again for everything.


Bob & Charlotte S.
Evansville, IN
APRIL 8, 2013

I just purchased a used 2008 Ford Taurus online from Uebelhor & Sons Chevrolet in Jasper, Indiana. I had the pleasure of dealing with Christopher Tegus McBride, "a true Irishman".

From the time that I initially talked with Mr. McBride, I sensed a feeling of honesty and compassion. These qualities are very rare in today's automobile sales world.

After asking some questions about the Taurus and the price, we were able to come to a win-win situation, which included the sale price and delivery of the vehicle, some 400 miles away.

The Taurus was delivered to me on the day that had been promised. When the car arrived, I began checking it over, test driving it and asking the driver how it had handled for him.

I had the option to reject the car upon my inspection. I gladly accepted the car. It was nicer than I had expected. The delivery drivers, Donnie & Francy Geisling, were great ambassadors for the dealership.

The Uebelhor family should be very proud of them. Thank you !!!!

Wayne H

Waynesburg, PA
FEBRUARY 22. 2013
Hi Chris & Tony:

I just wanted to compliment you and your staff for the great service I received last week.

My battery was DEAD over lunch on Feb. 12. I called, spoke to Haleigh, who sent Alex to either tow my car or jump my battery.

They both were awesome and personable. I drove the car over & someone returned me to work.

The car was checked out, serviced, a new battery was installed and brought back to my work.

I just wanted to thank you for the great customer service I received.

You have a great team !

Even though I had a dead battery, they made my day a great day by coming to my aid.

Pat S.
Jasper, IN