Here at Uebelhor Chevrolet in Jasper, IN, we have a state-of-the-art service center with an experienced auto service team of certified technicians. Whether you need an oil change, tire rotations, a/c repairs, brake jobs, and more, the service team at Uebelhor Chevrolet can provide it. We even offer special repairs for collisions and other damages. Our Chevrolet dealership also has a dedicated parts center with the most common parts stocked to help ensure your maintenance and repairs go quickly. You can also order parts and accessories if you prefer to maintain your vehicle yourself. Be sure to check out our parts and service Specials and Coupons page to see any service offers we have and to save on your next visit. If you would like to schedule a service appointment or if you have any questions about the automotive services we provide in Jasper, IN, please give us a call at (888) 519-5638 today.

Service Specials


Chevy users, wherever they are, represent true passion for luxury cars. These vehicles also deserve high quality maintenance services. With a certified Chevrolet all your vehicles' repair or maintenance work will be done by Manufacturer Certified Mechanics. These parts are available in extensive variety at Uebelhor parts and accessories inventory.

We offer variety of repair and maintenance services including:

  • Oil and filters replacement
  • Brakes service
  • Spark plug service
  • Battery replacement
  • Engine and body work
  • Glass work
  • Tires inspection, rotation and replacement
  • Wheels balancing and alignment; and a lot more


If your Chevrolet needs any sort of parts replaced, whether it's about engine or body parts, or you put on some entertainment or utility accessories, order parts by calling Uebelhor Chevrolet parts center or by filling by the order parts form online.

As per your requirement of time, we will deliver your requested parts or accessories right at your doorstep anywhere in Jasper, IN or its nearby localities. Uebelhor Chevrolet auto parts include:

  • Exterior and body parts
  • Engine parts
  • OEM & Mopar Parts
  • Brakes discs and pads
  • Tires
  • Batteries


We, at Uebelhor Chevrolet near Jasper, IN always try to make your shopping experience pleasurable at our dealership. To satisfy and please our valued customers we always bring exciting offers. The specials and incentives offered by Uebelhor Chevrolet covers buying, leasing, servicing and parts deals.

If you come to us for new and pre-owned Chevrolet service, do not forget to take the Service Catalog or browse it online and check out the ongoing service specials and incentives. Our service specials include:

  • Free car wash
  • Free tires rotation and inspection
  • Redeemable reward points
  • Service coupons; and a lot more


For your ease and entertainment as well as for the add-ons of your vehicles' looks Uebelhor Chevrolet in Jasper, IN offers a number of accessories.

Below listed are some of the high demand accessories available in Uebelhor Chevy parts and accessories wide-ranging inventory:

  • Entertainment and storage accessories
  • Floor liners
  • Cargo maximizer
  • Care and tools kit
  • Chrome grills and handles
  • Splash guards
  • Engine coverings
  • Air pumps


Explicitly, for special repairs and time taking maintenance services, Uebelhor Service Department recommends having a pre-booked service appointment. For this, just call our customer care or complete the schedule service form online. This form is user-friendly and you will be asked to enter details about:

  • Vehicle's make, model and year
  • Miles driven
  • Required repair or maintenance work
  • Desired date and time

As you will submit this form, our service department representative will contact you and will confirm your appointment. Customers also get recall on the scheduled date of service. All we can say is that a scheduled service appointment not only saves your time but your required services are done on priority basis due to the pre-arrangements.

When You Want Good Chevrolet Service, Come See Us in Jasper, IN

As much as we seem to dread the idea of regularly servicing your vehicle, you know that this is the best way to keep it running through Ireland, IN, as long as possible. It can also avoid more serious and more costly repair bills down the road. Knowing your vehicle needs regular maintenance is one thing, but having it done is often entirely different. We're all human and tend to postpone certain things until it's too late. Our Chevrolet dealership in Jasper, IN, is always available to service your vehicle with whatever it may need and keep you informed about what it needs and when it needs it done.


If you're uncertain as to what your Chevrolet vehicle needs, you can always reference your owner's manual, which should be in your glove compartment. Your owner's manual will list what your Chevrolet needs and at what intervals the service should be done. The manual also tells you what brands and products they recommend for your vehicle.

If you're not a DIY person or just don't have the time, another option is to contact our dealership near Huntingburg. They can keep you up to date on whatever your vehicle needs and when it needs to be done. Our team can also set up regular appointments and even contact you to remind you. Our team in Ferdinand, IN, understands that your busy schedule may make it difficult, so they're there to assist you. We want to keep your vehicle running as efficiently as possible as much as you do.

Why Maintenance is Important

As much as we all mean to take care of our vehicles, often we are tied up with other obligations and tend to forget regular maintenance. The main benefit of getting regular maintenance is because it will prevent breakdowns that could cost a lot more. For instance, an oil change is inexpensive. Failure to have regular oil changes done can cause damage to the engine.

While our technicians can do engine repairs, it's a much more expensive fix than what an oil change might have cost. What starts as a minor fix turns into a major fix because the initial problem was ignored. Another benefit of providing your vehicle with regular maintenance is because it will help your vehicle run more efficiently, which will improve handling and fuel efficiency.

What We Offer

Our technicians can perform almost any automotive service your vehicle might need. We provide the following basic services near Dale, IN.

  • Oil and oil filter changes
  • Bulb inspection and replacement
  • Filter replacements
  • Fluid check and replacement
  • Windshield wiper replacement
  • Tire balancing, rotation and installation
  • Brake replacement

In addition to these basic services, we also provide large automotive services like transmission repair, engine replacement, exhaust system replacement and much more. If in doubt, contact us so we can schedule an appointment or advise you as to what your vehicle might need. No service is too small or too large for our shop.

Why Choose Us

When we sell you a Chevrolet, or any other vehicle, we service what we sell. Even if you didn't buy the vehicle from us, we'll still provide the vehicle with regular maintenance. We will provide you with excellent customer service. We also have a large parts department, which ensures that we will have the part your Chevrolet needs. If we don't happen to have the part that day, we can get it quickly. We also use OEM parts for your vehicle. If you have any questions or would like more information, stop and see us.